A new field of possibilities opens up!

Nowadays, a drilling technology is shifting
to ultra high speed and high precision
ー Electron Beam Perforation ー


Three strengths

There are three reasons why people choose Pacific Special Alloy Castings Co.,Ltd

EB technology realizes precision, repeatability, and fast processing to meet design specifications. We can also handle processing such as molded products, oblique hole and special materials. Our reliable manufacturing and experienced technical staff provide proposals that go beyond industries and applications.


Our products are used by global manufacturers and major companies. We have delivered our products to 481 companies in the food, pharmaceutical, automotive, fiber spinning, and thermal power generation industries, and have earned the trust of these companies for our high quality, high precision, and quick delivery.


We are able to design and manufacture products with a high degree of freedom according to our customers' request by making full use of the technology we have cultivated over the years. In doing so, we offer the best solution for various needs in terms of price, delivery, manufacturing method, material and shape.


Seven major features of electron beam perforation

Electron beam perforation is a precise and fast technology that far surpasses conventional drilling methods.

01 超高速
02 高精度
03 成型品加工
04 斜め穴加工
05 新素材なども加工
06 幅広い加工能力
07 断面形状も選択可能
Ultra-precise holes of up to 4000 holes/sec. 
made possible by electron beams


Electron Beam Perforation (EBP) is a unique and innovative technology.
By greatly increasing the durability, convenience, and processing capacity of the screen, EBP dramatically improves the efficiency of manufacturing food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products.


We work in a wide range of industries, including electronics,
food, pharmaceutical and housing, as well as metalworking.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of our products.